Pay Structure…

Our pay is age, training and service linked. You will start on the foundation pay band relevant to your age and from there you have the opportunity to build the amount through the attendance of training courses, continuation of service over 12 months and increase in age.

Foundation Pay Bands

16 - 17 year olds £4.30
18 - 20 year olds £5.20
over 21 years £6.50

• All new staff undergo a comprehensive full day induction to prepare you for life in the branch.

• Training courses on offer are Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Certificates, Fine Food Guild Cheese Diploma and Charcuterie Diploma.

• All staff are paid weekly on a Friday and addition to this you will receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday annually (part time staff pro rata).

• You are entitled to staff discount for food, wine and beer purchases of 20%.

• You must have a clean, neat and presentable appearance as you will be working directly with food and hygiene is a priority. Long hair must be tied up and back at all times and kept tidy